A page designed to help budding photographers who live in the Peak District. Tuition is also available - for info email

We've been called the three musketeers of the Peak District Photography world, but we're just a few mates who are very passionate about taking photographs - and as it happens, lots of you seem to like them! We thought we'd set up this page with the view of teaching you how to take awesome pictures too - as well as sharing a few of our secrets with you..If you'd like to learn how to take pictures like we do, then here's a little more about us:Steve and Jim run the UK'S largest online holiday accommodation directory for the PeakDistrict. They flit around the place taking photographs on a daily basis, to illustrate the very popular website and their frenzy of Facebook followers. TezMarsden is a master teacher of the craft, using his skills to pass onto those of you who want to do what we do in the Peak District area.Tez is a very talented photographer and teacher of the art. Having lived and worked in the Peak District for most of his life, he is currently living in Matlock, close to Bakewell, with stunning scenery on his doorstep to use as inspiration for his clients. Following many years using film and specialising in black and white photography, he has converted to the digital age and embraced the love for new equipment and is regarded highly, amongstthe photography fraternity, as an expert in the field. A member of The Royal Photographic Society, he specialises in landscapes, his images evocative and full of drama but he alsotakes any subject with equal passion and verve. His skills as a teacher bring out other like minded people and his classes are very popular. With his wonderful wife, a baker by trade,making the packed lunches and taking care of his pupils, he sets off with his intrepid clients to help them seek out their own talents. His courses are designed to bring out and hone in on skills they already have, teaching tricks of the trade and showing how to add drama to a subject with a few tips from a pro in a relaxed setting. Editing on the day, his clients can takehome a range of photos to be proud of, with skills that will last a lifetime.Steve lives in beautiful Monyash, a village away from it all with its own village green and spectacular scenery. He moved to the Peak District over five years ago from Sheffield, but has always loved visiting the Peak District at every opportunity. A very keen walker, he enjoys combining his hobby with his photography and finds no better time to do so than early in the morning or when the sun is going down, when he can have glorious landscape to himself and spot images which may have had 100 footsteps passing through during the day. Steve, like Jim, is director for the UK's largest holiday accommodation for the PeakDistrict and his stunning landscape, people and wildlife photographs litter the pages of this spectacular site, as well as lots of other Peak related websites and Facebook. Now, with the opportunity to step outside his front door and have such fabulous landscapes, nature and people of the Peak District to photograph, he loves life out here with his wife and three children, horses and dogs. There is still so much of the Peak District he hasn't visited yet and is looking forward immensely to another year, collecting images for his websites. His love for taking pictures behind the lens has earned him a reputable following of people who tune in daily to see where he is in the world and on his travels. Seeking out interesting places to visit and highlighting the unusual lesser seen places of the Peak District is where his adventures usually take him, and the results speak for themselves .Jim lives in the Heart of the White Peak at Foolow, a picturesque chocolate box village with its very own duck pond. He doesn't have to stray too far from his doorstep to capture his wildlife and landscape subjects on camera. A father of two children, 2 dogs, 3 horses and countless chickens (all watched over and protected by the fearsome Ricky the Rooster) James' love for the animal kingdom is evident in his winsome and witty images of the landscape. He likes nothing better than to get up before dawn and witness the Peak District, and its feathered and furry inhabitants, rise from their slumber along with the sun. Jim has already made a name for himself with the BBC, having had his photographs used in countless Spring and Autumnwatch programmes, as well as actually winning the Spring watch competition, with a stunning photograph of a starling feeding her baby, beating 49,000 others to claim the crown. He has also seen his work adorning the cover of the BBC Facebook Nature page several times and BBC Derby's website front page recently. He illustrates The Derbyshire Magazine monthly and has a weekly slot in the Star newspaper as well the Derbyshire Times. He is now regarded as one the country's finest wildlife photographers. See Less


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